This body conversion is styled after the popular Strosek German 993 Turbo kit that sells for ($20,000.00+) for the fiberglass parts alone (Yikes!!). Now you have a chance to buy this beautiful Lamborghini orange 2007 Strosek 993 turbo cabriolet for not too much more than the price of Strosek's fiberglass parts!!!! So, if you are new to conversions you are looking at hundreds of hours and big buck$$!!! to have this kind of work done!!!

Look closely at the incredible details of this custom Porsche.... Full Strosek style 993 Turbo kit with rounded lower front door edges. Carbon fiber lining of fenders and rear quarters, for strength, good looks, and longevity, 993 windshield sprayers relocated to the front hood (a la Porsche 993), custom painted gauges with updated Porsche Boxster fonts and Strosek logos (not some cheesy, slap in, face plates, these gauges are something to get excited about in themselves).
18" rims and tires fit perfectly, not sunk in or sticking out, full leather factory 993 interior, beautiful work, and look at the custom painted color matched motor, have you ever seen anyone detail a Porsche 911motor as beautiful as this? Nice finishing touch (most spray a little Armour All on the engine and call it good).
The Lamborghini pearl orange finish and paint is at least a $6000 - job, no ripples or waves... This quality of finish work comes with over 16 years of Porsche conversion experience... and finally when the original Strosek kit was installed to a '90's base 911, they sold for $90,000 to $150,000 to many Professional athletes, Celebrities and Music / Rap artists. Don't miss your chance to own this beautiful, rare, custom Porsche that will have even the newest Porsche owners driving off the road as you cruise by.

Exterior: Beautiful 2007 Strosek Style 993 Turbo conversion based on a California, rust free, 1984 Porsche 911. The Strosek style body consist of "FRP" Top quality, hand laid fiberglass, carbon fiber reinforced, front bumper spoiler, front fenders, rear turbo quarters, side skirts, rear bumper spoiler, 993 Mega Turbo rear decklid wing.
Finishing touches include: Hella polyeliptic headlights, Porsche 993 blackout tailights, 993 door handles, 993 mirrors, radiused doors, new windshield, seals, badges, and factory 996 Turbo staggered (19x8.5 & 10") chrome rims with (245/35 & 275/30-19) tires and a brand new black 993 style Cabrio soft top, boot cover and rear seat wind deflector.... No expense spared!!!!!

Interior: Professionally re-dyed 2 tone tan full '98 993 leather interior, 8-way electric seats, 993 center tunnel, new German grade tan carpet, custom painted Lambo pearl orange gauges detailed with Boxster font and Strosek logos and nickel plated bezels, it also has a new Sony CD player and new keyless entry door locks. Nice touch!!!!

Engine/Base Car: This is conversion is based on a California, rust free, 1984 Euro model Porsche 911 (3.2 motor)...base car has about 160k miles, when the conversion was completed and the gauges were customized, the mileage was turned back to 0...and the original mileage was marked on the back of the Odometer gauge. Since the conversion, the vehicle has logged only 250 miles....

The engine is super detailed & painted, it is a 3.2 liter Porsche engine which are world famous for lasting 350,000 - 400,000 miles. This car needs nothing in the way of engine work, it runs perfectly & leaks absolutely nothing, not one drip of oil, which is unheard of for Porsche's. This car also drives like it's on rails... it was lowered approx. 2.5 inches & does not lean at all when going around corners. It also has a very nice "feel" going down the road, hard to explain till you drive it. You can't help but have a BIG smile on your face when driving it around. It may not look like it from the photos, but it sits very low.

This Porsche was purchased a little over a year ago from a 85 year old retired doctor (no kidding) He was the original owner, going to Germany & taking delivery of the car, then bringing it back to Ventura. It has 22hp more than a US 911 because it was bought originally in Germany. Also, it has absolutely zero rust & no accidents.

We have had a number of our Porsches like this one appraised in the last 5+ years, and we are fairly familiar with what it would appraise for... probably right around $70,000.K... (if you need it for a loan or financing or insurance reasons). It can be registered as a regular 1984 911 for DMV (taxes).

Overall condition: This Porsche was completed in 2007, has only 2500 miles since the conversion, so it is very close to new and in near perfect condition.

Price: $39,995 USD